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2k Followers Gift: Shirt from the DJ Casual outfit separated

Another milestone to celebrate! Thank you for all your support, I cannot say that often enough! Your kind words have often encouraged me to go on and get through periods of misery, creative draughts and self-doubt.

Not much to say about this creation, I needed a longer shirt, saw the DJ Casual Outfit with its awesome top, separated it, tweaked it and here it is :)


  • custom mesh
  • proper LODs and morphs, including pregmorph
  • EAxis texture
  • four recolorable areas: strap, zipper, left and right side
  • four different presets with two different pattern tiling sizes
  • for (young) adult females
  • categories: everyday, athletic, career, maternity, random
  • custom CAS thumbnails
  • available as package and sims3pack
  • created with TSR Workshop

    Note: Due to the length of the shirt, some clipping in the bottom area is inevitable with certain poses.

Don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload.
Do not make money off my creation/use with adfly, distribute on paysites, the exchange or tsr.
You may include the sims3pack version with your sims. If you upload the sim, be sure to to give me credit and link back to this post!
Please do not modify or use the mesh for your own creations without asking me first. Thank you!



So I’ve been playing a bit of Super Smash Bro’s lately and….

"It’s super smash bros! No girls allowed!”

Peach: “………..”

stellarnovasims whispered:

Stelllaaaa~! :]

Loading up the Parfaits~let’s see if I can whip up a little something…

….or, at least, start working on a little something! heh xD

Anonymous whispered:
what happened to your parfaits? they were the first rainbowcy i ever followed

really?! That’s kinda awesome to hear :]

I guess I got a little bored with them; mostly because their household is huuuuge now and it makes my game lag a lot :( If I start posting them again, it’ll have to be after a big time-skip so I can move out the older kids!



I encountered all of these errors with Sims 2 on Windows 8.1. Here are the ways I fixed them. If someone gives me the name of a good file sharing site, I can upload my graphics rules file so you don’t have to make the changes yourself, you can just plop mine right in.

Really helpful to get rid of all the ugly terrain and improve the graphics quality if you’re running The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on windows 7 or 8

Anonymous whispered:
*whispers* Coven Intiations... ;-)

SHHH…don’t let anyone hear you mention You-Know-What…!



seasonsofberrysims said: Where is that shirt from? If I may ask.

Course you can! :D It’s from the Store’s Fanciful Fashions Set. I can’t find a free dl of it right now, but I could message a link to you later? :)

Sunset in another random outfit ~ I just love the back of this sweater!


Dodgy anatomy and cartoony coloring ~ I really love drawing myself with different tattoos ♥_♥

Just one of the many doodle sheets from the last couple days. Seriously tho….one day i’ll be totally inked. just wait. ;)

Anonymous whispered:
do you use photoshop/photoshop actions? if you do what actions do you prefer?

I don’t actually! I use an online photo editor because im a loser who doesn’t know how to use photoshop xP I wish I could recommend something to you, but I’ve never used an action before :(((

Sorry if this is a really late reply, i never seem to get notifications for new messages any more…. >_<

Ambitions, AKA “Detective” Sunset

Outdoor Living Sunset

Don’t ask how this outfit relates to that SP cuz I’m not even sure XD

Late Night Sunset!

This is why you’re single…


Please tell me you don’t go out like this…

Excuse me?? I look great! Summer would date me, wouldn’t you Summer?

Please leave me out of this….