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Hey, I'm Madi, and welcome to the home of the Parfait Rainbowcy, the Zodiac Genes Perfect Genetics Challenge, and the Mystique Tales Berry Sweet Randomacy!


Dandy lookin’ all marvelous and minty.

tibbylish whispered:
Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Hullo my darling :3

I can’t help it I had to pick Cas!

She isn’t as excited about it as I am >.>

Anyway! The facts:

  1. Up until she was about forty, Cas practically hibernated in the winter. In other seasons, if it was so much as overcast, she probably didn’t going to get out of bed. The entire day.
  2. She often admonishes her family members for being childish, even though it’s a trait they inherited from her and Aster.
  3. When their kids were children and teens, she and Aster would often vacation for a week or two every year or so; travel some place warm and dry where they could likely just lay on the beach for 13 days straight enjoy the tropical weather. Recently she’s been trying to pitch the idea of the entire Parfait household going on vacation together, but Opal isn’t buying into it.
  4. Now, she makes sure to spend lots of time with all of her grandkids (Melrose often gets jealous of this fact). From practicing guitar with Parasol to collecting scrap metal with Perennial, she makes sure to spend lots of quality time getting to know the generation 3 kids.
  5. She has a wide range of skills, but it’s in her nature to be athletic and she prefers to spend her time outside (another common Parfait trait)

TL;DR: Cas suffers from winter depression, is a hypocrite, likes vacationing, spends a lot of time skill-building with her grandkids, and is very outdoorsy.

Anonymous whispered:
hello madi :3! I just wanted to know what default eyes you use...i haven't been able to find any for myself.

Hi!! Right now I’m using some gorgeous eye defaults made by moonskin, but I’m not sure which ones! Check out her downloads, the ones I’m using are one of her latest :3

Sidenote: up until a couple weeks ago I was using Spectator eyes by simtzu :D

In Game Tools and Mods


In/Game Tools

1.CUSTARD Sims3Pack Cleaner              2.Delete Cache Files                

3.your own no effects mod tool                 4.SaveCleanerV2.2  

5.Dashboard tool                                      6.s3pe Package Editor

7.NRaas                                                   8.No automatic memories

9. Remove stencils                                10.Build/Buy Restriction Choker

11. Ultimate Careers                                12. Age / Grow

13. s3oc Cloner


1.NRaas                                          2.Zombies Begone!    
3.Insane Converse                          4. Parties whenever you want          
5.The Snow Is Not Too Deep            6.Disasters & Blessings
7.Drinks For Your Sims                    8.Hidden Skills Unhidden
9.XCAS mod                                   10.Replant Interaction     
11.Minor Pets Won’t Run Away        12.Extra Credit Homework V4   
13.Higher/Lower LTR, Unhidden Traits
14.More Frequent Burglars               15.Vampires Domain
16.Pregnancy Progress                            
18.Hard Mode Mod Pack                     19.Consort HairColor
20.All Careers Available In the Future     21.At All Hours
22.Unrestricted Sponge Baths            23.Dragon Valley Dragon Mods
24. Bring Food And Drink                    25. Ask To Join : Fish
26. Junkyard Objects Made Usable     27. Housecleaning

28. Weight and Fitness

Scripted Objects

1. Unusual Bistro                              2. Booze Bottle

2. Yoga Rug                                     3. Pills

4. Barrel o’ Fire                                5. Cigarette/Smoking Mod

6. Dexter the bear                            7. Scribbling Pad

8. Resort Tower rugs                        9. Pose Player

10. One More Slot                            11. OMSP Resizer

12. Two Basketball Hoops                13. Produce Stand

14. Meditate by Candlelight              15.  Buyable Bunch o’ Gifts

16. Bloom’s Apple Barrels                 17. Nectar Barrels

18. Animation Player                        19. Pose Player Interaction Add-on

No mods/Fixes

1.No Motive Fail tantrum                       2.No Autonomous Conjure Apple 
3.No autonomous imaginary joyride      4.No auto smartphone         

5.No autonomous go to home         
6.No Unfinished Room Moodlet    
7.No autonomous Deep Fryer or Ice Cream Maker       

8.FIX for Walker and Playpen                    9. CAS hat hiders

10. Child Muscle Costume                 

11. No More Base Game Costume Makeup

12. No Life Gain from Milkin’

13. Wall/Floor Hider

Children Mods   

1.Curfew Disabler              2. Detonating Teens 
3.Toddler Interactions        4.Children can Garden Mod
5. Children Interactions      6.leave the baby home mod
7.Child can Use Collection Helper Reward

Carma/Lighting Mod/Defaults

1.Outdoor Lighting Tweaks                  2.Clear Water Drops

3.New CAS                                           4.Free Cam Camera Mod

5.Live Mode Camera Mod                    6.Sims 2 Style Camera

7.No Camera Fade                              8.Sunrise/Sunset Season Offset

9.hide-cabinets-with-walls-down         10.Tiny Texture Replacers

11.Default Cow Re-texture

i just saw a vulpix wearing lingerie….#can’tunsee

Blaziken for ticklemerainbows! And I promise he’s not missing a leg…it just kind of…looks that way >.< 

there are some rly weird things on google images under “blaziken”


A weavile for the lovely woohootycall

Pokemon Commission-Things
  1. Weavile for woohootycall
  2. Blaziken for ticklemerainbows
  3. Vulpix for winchestersims!
  4. Ninetales, staryu, AND bulbasaur for hobbits-in-221b (omfg courtney)
  5. Munna for r2d2fangirl
  6. Eevee for stellarnovasims
  7. Dragonite for justanothersimsblog, and
  8. Raichu for wispsims!!

That’s all the suggestions I’ll be taking for now! Thanks guys :D

woohootycall answered your post: suggestions on pokemon to draw?


spot one has been claimed!

suggestions on pokemon to draw?

commissions?? kind of???

And thirdly, Luxio, whom I have a habit of nicknaming Firework, ever since I caught my first shinx in Pearl.

He has no toes D:

Amanda -

Ok I actually tried to make this one look half-decent…Another one of my favorites, Vaporeon! 

(seriously tho….every time I played Pokemon Stadium I made sure vaporeon was on my team. I have one on X too…her name is Cascade XD)

I haven’t really been playing sims much but I have been playing pokemon X….so I decided to try and draw a quick arcanine, since he’s one of my fave pokemon of all time :D  I don’t really feel like doing any “detailing” today so I’ll probably doodle some more pokemon instead of finishing this or any other things I’ve started XD